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Caroline Cossey

Transgender Supermodel, Actress and Activist

British sensation Caroline ‘Tula’ Cossey was born in the wrong body at a time when the word Transgender was barely even heard of but that didn't stop her from living her dream by becoming her true self before going onto to achieve a globally successful modelling career which saw her appear in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar as well as gracing the covers of top fashion and beauty magazines around the world.

Later when her past was known, she became the first transgender model to appear on the cover of multiple international editions of Playboy Magazine where she broke the mould of how Trans women were seen by the world's media. Caroline paved the way for today's Trans trailblazers like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox to follow in her footsteps of public visibility but doing so came at great personal cost.

At the height of her career, Caroline, who had kept her past private, made the fateful decision to appear as a Bond Girl in 007's For Your Eyes Only and suddenly her 'past'  was made public property when her personal medical history was exposed by the News of the World resulting in inaccurate international news stories which ground Caroline's mainstream career to a halt. With her personal and professional life in tatters and with her marriage to multimillionaire Elias Fattal annulled  Caroline had a choice - she could run and hide or she could fight for her right to live and love as the woman she knew she was and see if she could make the world understand - she chose to fight. In the spring of 1989, she was forced to make a unique appeal to the European Commission of Human Rights: she was battling for the legal validation of her marriage as a female and the right to have her birth certificate amended after gender reassignment surgery. With her story now worldwide news Caroline turned activist raising awareness for Trans people with ground breaking appearances on Donahue, Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, Geraldo, Montel Williams, David Frost, Jonathan Ross and numerous other television and radio shows around the world. After a whirlwind promotion for her two best-selling autobiographies, the world's first Transgender Supermodel suddenly disappeared from the public eye to enjoy the true love she found with husband David Finch.

25 years later and now recognised a true icon of her era,  Caroline is in the world's media glare once more, this time being welcomed with open arms as well as open minds - times have certainly changed and a new generation of Trans celebrities are enjoying profiles and careers once deemed impossible thanks to the trials and tribulations Caroline endured decades earlier.

2016 saw Caroline dip her selective toes in a handful of features for Playboy, Cosmo and Candy Magazine which resulted in global press coverage showing her unique appeal still unchallenged and she'll soon appear in HBO's forth coming 'The Trans list'