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Tom Grace / Poilu & Tommy

Tom Grace will be playing the role of Alfred in Poilu & Tommy at the Courtyard, London from the 19th of February to the 8th of March 2014.

Strasbourg's Théâtre Volière present their haunting new play about decadence, repression, and the allure of war.

1900. A French and an English boy find themselves living in a dilapidated manor house in the home counties. Charles is a would-be poète maudit. Alfred likes Kipling. They share an Alsacien governess with a tragic secret. Bored, struggling to communicate, their games take a dark turn. Spirits are invoked, shadows gather, forewarnings of a time when they will meet again, as young men caught up in the horror of the Somme.

Produced by Anglo-French association Jolly Good Show, and written by award-winning poet Mick Wood, Poilu and Tommy was originally commissioned by The Ledbury Poetry Festival. It is the sole French theatre project to be part of the Imperial War Museums’ Centenary Partnership Programme, and offers a unique perspective on the cultural background to The Great War. The histories of war-ravaged Alsace, fin-de-siècle Paris, and Edwardian rural England, collide in a beguiling, witty and unsettling piece of theatre.

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