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Sherrie Hewson - Benidorm

Sherrie Hewson returns to play Joyce Temple-Savage in series 8 of Benidorm and is currently filming in Spain.  

“I’m always excited when I read the new scripts and every single time they get better and better," says Sherrie. "This latest one we’re filming, we’ve just had the read-through and all of us laughed the whole of the way through it! The next series of Benidorm we’re about to film is the best ever!

“The buzz is enormous when the cast is in town. Holidaymakers come and join in with us! The place is full of people just like in the series. There are Kenneths, Joyce Temple-Savages, Mateos and Lesleys – and they all dress like us too. So if we’re out for a night, we’ll see ‘us’ coming at ‘us’ if you know what I mean.”