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Nicole Faraday - Soul Sisters

Nicole Faraday will be playing Rachel in Soul Sisters, an exhilarating new soul musical that will take you on a journey of success,
survival and sisterhood. 
We join the three friends during a visit to a classic holiday camp Soul Weekender, as they
seek to reclaim that elusive closeness they once shared as starry-eyed teens. They face the
real, honest truths and express themselves in the only way they know how - through the
very music that brought them together and took them to the top of the charts.
Can they pull off a performance of a lifetime? Do they still have what it takes? Is their
bond strong enough to overcome their flaws? Can they forgive and forget and remain Soul
Inspired by the greatest soul music of all time, Soul Sisters is the funky feel-good original
musical from writer David Kent, directed by the acclaimed Angie Le Mar and from the
producers of hit comedies Hormonal Housewives and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
“A musical roller coaster – it’s light-hearted, fun, relatable and FULL of soul”
“The biggest touring musical of 2022”
Experience what it feels like to turn back the clock with your best friends, let your soul sing
out and book your tickets today for the UK Tour that everyone is raving about.

"As a former cast member of both Bad Girls and Bad Girls the Musical, I am very used to working with an all-female cast, and delighted to be a part of this new exploration of the 'sisterhood' and the close bond that friendship amongst women brings. The music is amazing, the storyline crackles along with twists and turns and the girls are fabulous. I am uber excited to tour this show and give the audience a moving, fun and musical night out!!" - Nicole

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