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Jacqueline Leonard - River City

Jacqueline Leonard returns 'from the dead' in River City.

A familiar face from the past returns to Shieldinch when Jacqueline Leonard reprises her role as Lydia Murdoch and a remorseful Lenny comes face-to-face with Lydia, who exposes the explosive truth about her ‘death'

Still reeling from news that Lydia has been found, Lenny waits impatiently at the safehouse. After months of searching for his wife, Lenny is stunned when Lydia walks through the door accompanied by Rachel Grant.

Sensing Lydia’s hesitation, Lenny reassures her he would never hurt her. Lydia remains unconvinced – she knows he intended to kill Alex, not her, after uncovering their affair. As the couple uncover their past, emotions run high. A remorseful Lenny pleads for forgiveness but Lydia refuses. As the truth about Lydia’s death and where she has been surfaces, Rachel Grant falls ill, forcing the estranged couple to work together again.

However, both Lydia and Lenny know her return will be catastrophic for Amber who believes her mother died that fateful night.

River City is a BBC Studios, Scotland production for BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland.