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Gillian Taylforth / Hollyoaks return

Gillian Taylforth will be making a return to Hollyoaks as Sandy Roscoe over the festive period.

It takes a lot of strength and energy to single-handedly raise five lively sons, and Sandy Roscoe has more than enough to get the job done.

Non-traditional in all senses, she finds great amusement in her sons' endless conquests, and even cooks them breakfast in the morning (although her cooking is probably a bit more of a punishment than anything). She's fiercely independent and has worked nonstop since the birth of her first Roscoe cherub, Joe.

As well as other Roscoe storylines burning “brightly” in the lead up to Christmas, producer Bryan Kirkwood has revealed we can expect to see a return from their absent mother, Sandy...