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Claire King / Casualty

Claire King to appear in Casualty as Geraldine otherwise knows as 'The Terminator'.

A power dresser, ID around her neck, document case lodged under her arm, she is a woman who fears nothing and no-one and when she strides into the ED to assess the students’ progress, she is on a mission.

Robyn, Jamie and Aoife are worried to find that their course assessor, the icy Geraldine, has come to the department to evaluate them. Robyn is especially terrified as Geraldine has a habit of picking on her. When Robyn breaks patient confidentiality in an attempt to get a sick woman back to the ED she fears that it’s game over for her, but Tess goes out of her way to highlight Robyn’s good qualities to Geraldine.

Claire's episode will air on the 16th of March, 8.50pm, BBC1.