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Alex Walton - Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads

Alex Walton stars in Adrian Berry’s acclaimed tale of a young David Bowie obsessive which will be touring again in 2018 after a sell-out tour in 2017.

Martin is a boy with problems - an illness no-one understands and a head full of sound and vision. So when an unexpected gift arrives on his birthday, Martin embarks on a thrilling journey in the footsteps of his obsession, leading him to discover some long-hidden truths about himself. What follows will change his life forever...

Powerful and touching, music and magic realism collide in this darkly funny and moving production featuring Alex Walton and the voice of comedian Rob Newman. With a blistering soundtrack, the life of the pop fan is dissected in this tale of unnatural teenage wildlife

Reviews of ‘From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads'...

Guardian: (Lyn Gardner)
“…This lament of world’s misfits is given real clout by Walton…”

“…plays a range of characters with impressive conviction…”

“…makes Martin so touchingly believable that you want to reach out a helping hand to stop him falling…”

The Stage:
“…Alone in the space, Alex Walton gives an intimate, intensely vulnerable performance, conveying every ounce of his character’s massed yearning and confusion…”

“…A riveting performance lifts this story of a loner searching for his musical hero…”

“…he channels pristine innocence or perfect joy, dancing in circles with complete abandon…”

The Times:
“…Intense performance from nobly multitasking Walton…”

“…all the skill of the hardworking performer, Alex Walton…”

London Theatre 1:
“…in Alex Walton, that story comes to life beautifully. Alex is an exemplary storyteller who captivates his audience with his style and skill…”

“…As well as narrating the tale, Alex also ‘becomes’ Martin and some of the characters he meets on his journey…Alex swaps between each character effortlessly and everyone is real.”

Everything Theatre:
“…In Alex Walton’s portrayal of our central character, Martin, you feel nothing but compassion, love and hope for his future..”

“a show-stealing performance from Alex Walton in this emotional journey through London”

Theatre News:
“…Alex Walton nimbly swaps personas to beautifully portray supporting characters…”

“…Walton plays the character of Martin beautifully and presents the supporting characters in wonderful contrast…”

London Love Culture:
“…the audience is utterly focused on the deeply fascinating performance of Alex Walton, whose ability to switch between a number of different characters with ease and style is mesmerizing…”

“…He has a deeply psychological attitude towards the character with every movement and is quirky but charming…”

London City Nights:
“…Walton pulling out all the stops in portraying Martin’s collapse…”

Theatre Full Stop:
“…Alex Walton’s performance as Martin is faultless…”

“…emotions would be brought to the surface watching Alex Walton’s incredible one man performance…”

“…Alex’s quick and hugely effective physical performance brings every one of the characters to life seamlessly…”

“…this is a wonderful example of a show involving one performer…”

Exeunt Magazine:
“…On stage alone, Alex Walton is exceptional as Martin…”

“…He handles the assortment of characters the teen encounters with aplomb…”


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