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Zaki Sadiki

A graduate from The Poor School, Zaki is a charismatic actor with a great passion. Being fluent in Urdu and Hindi, as well as speaking Punjabi and French just adds to his versatility and he is in demand for voiceover work. 


Rashid Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours IGP Richard Anthony Dunford
Bernard Bronzed Angel On The Corner Matthew J France
Ay The Investables British Muslim TV Oz Arshad
Various Wolfe Abbott Vision Adrian Shergold
Various Around the World in 80 Days    
Various Ackley Bridge Channel 4  
Various Our Girl BBC  
Various Beecham House ITV  
Various Killing Eve  Sid Gentle Films for BBC America  
Various Swords & Sceptres CPP  
Various The Bisexual Channel 4  
Various Vikings Season 6 Take 5 for The History Channel  
Various Final Score tbc  
Various Next of Kin ITV  
Various Save Me Sky Atlantic  
Various The Good Karma Hospital ITV Bill Eagles/John Wright
Rijul's Father Chameleon Westminster Unison Natasha Marburger
Taxi Driver  Loco Noche Figment Pictures Marjin Maas
Nizam Faith Pixeleyed Pictures Rizwan Wadan
Doctor Submersible LSBU George Baker
Mr K  Bruce Footprint on the Terra Films and Clever Broadcast Tim Warren and Roman Green
Shopkeeper Expiry Date NFTS Jeongmin Lee
Maharaja Duleen Singh Forgotten Women Peer Productions Rebecca Alloway
Adil Response to Power - Mother Tongue Blink Theatre/ Old Red Lion Lotte Johnson

The Mayor

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