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James Malone

James is a recent graduate from the Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East15 and was awarded the Tom Bennett Award. James is also a trained dancer and a talented artist.  

Juliet The Jacket BBC Arts/ New Creatives Sean Mendum
Gloria Gloria E15  Amy Dolan
Betty Bell The Dripping Mirror Runt Theatre Company Hebe Bartlett
Steven the Goat The Local Corbett Theatre Tyler Hoyland
Yvette Anna Fierling Corbett Theatre Jaz Woodcock -Stuart
Sunflower the Horse Tom Bennet Cabaret Camden People's Theatre Uri Roodner
Alfred The Will of the Lady Van De Velde E15 Uri Roodner
Hero Much Ado About Nothing Kelvedon Hatch Jonathan Holloway
Konstantin Treplev The Seagull E15 John Gillet
Father Peter/ Shirley Whalesong The Signal House Melissa Chambers
Branwell Bronte Bronte Hills Road Lucy Edevane
Mavis Spriggott Tangled Tales Spinning Wheel Theatre Company Amy Wyllie