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Amanda Barrie in The Bar Mitzvah

Amanda Barrie to star in The Bar Mitzvah, a comedy series for Blackpills, a new high end digital content platform launched by Luc Besson.

You've probably heard this story before. A boy comes out of the closet to his parents. A huge scandal breaks out. The parents insist they will never accept him. They demand that he change. Well . . . We want to tell you this story again, but in reverse. This is the story of Jozen and Seth, a gay couple from America, and their Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel with their son, Angelina. During this trip, they will find out they have a straight son and they will have to accept him - but not without a fight. On the way, they will encounter all the crazy contradictions of contemporary Israel, which will be introduced by Lily, a larger-than-life event planner who is quite a colourful crook.

Amanda plays Angelina's grandmother, Hillary, in this hilarious and camp new series.

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