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Will Roden

Will is a charming and charismatic actor who also enjoys delving into his darker side to play the more sinister roles. An excellent screen actor who has just won Best Lead Actor at the International Film Festival Nice and been nominated for Best Lead Actor at the Unrestricted View Festival London and the Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas for 'What Waits in the Red'.


Marcus Ramblers Faroeas pictures Hanus Johnnassen
Ryan What Waits in the Red Tycho Pictures David Ince
Peter Never Ending Tin Can Productions Carlos Boellinger
richard Londonville BFI funded Victoria Fiore
Thomas Hulme Finding Home Perspective Pictures Rupert Rixon
Charles Kiehl Grayscales Turnsworth Productions Simon Hove
Sebastian Transgression Tycho Pictures David Ince
Joseph Last Word Abbeam Productions Abbeam Danso
Brown Kerr Abit Abbeam Productions Prettier Danso


Peter Truth or Dare Tin Can Productions Carlos Boellinger
Kris Sleigh My Name Turnsworth Productions  
Jim Hogan The Search for Stardom Pink Penguin Production Dominic Askew



Marcus Together 1.0 together project Zoe Philpott 
Interviewer Fear and Misery of the Third Reich Kingdom arts Production Robert Whitelock
Gould Speed the Plow Kingdom arts Production Robert Whitelock
Sir James Chetham/Edward Casaubon Middlemarch Madness Independent James Williams



Ben Extraordinary Shakedown Productions Benjamin Long
Richard Down Under Tours DU Productions Jake Unsworth



Leading Man PHILIPS ONE SHAVE Ogilvy & Mathers
Gambler LEO VEGAS CASINO Nice Shirt Films
Ignorant Boyfriend  NOKIA LUMIA Vis Media
The Sailor HEINEKEN Adult Productions
Leading Man NESTEA Pepsi